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Since the other mod seems to have dissappeared and I hate to close this community without awarding winners, here you go. I have decided not to purge the entries, but I will not be posting any new ones after this one either.

Winners Inside...Collapse )

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Also, anyone who is interested in joining a stock LIMS contest, join 100x100beauty I am going to be opening signups for a stock image LIMS over there soon.

Anyone looking for a new icontest to join since this one is closing here is a list of our affliates, check them out!

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I hate to do this, but participation has been really lackluster so I am going to be closing this community. It was great running it for a while, but its hard to have fair contests when only 2-6 people are entering and voting. I will be getting rid of this community within 48 hours. If you feel you would like to take it over, please, leave a comment and we can probably work something out. But, there are tons of icontests so its not like you couldn't go join a different one.

Bubblegum Banners

* Comment once picked up :) Sorry these are so late (I'll try to get the others done tomorrow!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Round One LIMS voting EXTENDED to midnight tommorrow 10/16. Please, vote!
Stock Images: Sunglasses Polls
Random Fandom: Tarja Turunen Due 10/22
Multiple Sets: Numbers Due 10/19
Advanced: Sideways extended until 10/26

Please, take a minute and submit an entry or two. We always love to see what you have made!

Color LIMS Round One Voting

Sorry I am a day late posting this.

  • Please, vote for the icon you think shows the least quality and give an objective reason for it.
  • If you entered, please, try to vote!
  • Voting will close Midnight, Sunday October 15th.



Voting - Stock Images: Sunglasses

Voting - Stock Images: Sunglasses


Poll #1069228 Stock Images: Sunglasses

Vote for your three favourites, in order.

Winners and Polls

Sorry bout this, folks!! Total screw-up on my part ... thought I'd posted this but hey, I'm blonde ....

Voting - Random Fandom: HERO


Poll #1067832 Random Fandom: HERO

Vote for your two favourites, in order

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Color LIMS

Ok, hopefully this LIMS will go a little more smoothly than the last one! I will not be commenting to remind people to enter. Since there are only six people entered, we will be doing double elimination. Participants must be voted off twice before they are out of the contest, unless disqualified for lack of skips. Colors was the winner for the theme this time, so each image will be mainly one color. Please, read the directions for each round as most will include special instructions.

Color LIMS Round 1 Image: GreenCollapse )

Icons due by midnight Eastern Time, Wednesday October 10th
*For this icon, you may do whatever you wish as long as the dominant color of the icon is green.
*You may only use the image provided
*All effects allowed except animation
*Make this something you'd be willing to put as one of *your* userpics
*Any questions, please, Ask here.

Good Luck!



Multiple Sets: Numbers

Theme: Numbers

Read these Rules First
~ Submit your set of two to five icons (images and URLs, please) in a comment to this post with the images and the URLs.
~ Theme: Your set of icons should represent several different aspects of a single number, one specific number, several different numbers or any other variation you can think of!
~ Deadline: midnight Eastern Friday Oct 19th, 2007

~~~Current things to check out~~~
Advanced: Sideways - Due 10/12- 0 Entries :(
Stock Images: Sunglasses - Due 10/9 - 8 Entries (Only need 2 more for mod's Choice!)